About Us

Dellabianca’s farm is situated in the commune of Pietra dè Giorgi on the central hills of Oltrepo’ Pavese at about 311 asl.
The origins of the vineyards date back to 1800 with Grandfather Ernesto, which was then pursued by his son Nino and now by Nino’s son Antonio.
The management of the farm is based on single vine cultivation (mono-cropping). The clayey limey terroir of the area is an ideal habitat for this kind of cultivation.

Our vineyards are located in the neighbouring municipalities of Pietra dé Giorgi and Mornico Losana. Each vineyard has a different type of soil, so it was possible to plant the grape varieties in the best soil for each of them.
Training method: Guyot.  We don’t use chemical  fertilizer and we don’t weed between the rows. The grass is mown  twice  during the summer and the cut grass is left on the ground as plant food.
In our winery we favour the good quality of the grapes  rather than the quantity of production so, during summer, we reduce the quantity of grape bunches per shoot in order to maximize the quality of production. To control diseases, we only use copper-based preparations and sulphur-based compounds.

The wines are still produced according to old traditions although never distaining modern technology.
Ageing for the basic wines is carried out in traditional tanks (cement, fibreglass and stainless steel) whilst a meditated use of wooden barrels consents a harmonious ageing for the more important wines.